Can’t Wait (Elena Vedem & Talia Mint)

Gorgeous brunette Talia Mint is impatient for her lover to arrive, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Can’t Wait” begins. She’s excited to see cute blonde Elena Vedem, who greets her with a kiss and a surprise – she’s booked a trip for them. Talia is thrilled, rushing to try on various sets of sexy lingerie before joining Elena on the bed. Their embrace is playful and passionate as Elena kisses her way down her sweetheart’s slender body, sucking her hard nipples and sliding a hand into her panties to stroke her pussy. She tugs the flimsy fabric away and licks Talia’s pussy, gazing up at her amorously as she drives her to an intense orgasm. Now Talia laps at Elena’s lovely breasts and fingerbangs her pussy as they grind together. They’re soon in a naked sixty-nine, licking each other voraciously. Talia has another noisy climax, then devotes all her attention to eating Elena’s pussy, making her orgasm too.

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Title: Can’t Wait – Elena Vedem & Talia Mint
Models: Elena Vedem, Talia Mint
Photographer: Sandra Shine
Publication date: 2021-09-14
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Can't Wait (Elena Vedem & Talia Mint)

Tags: 4k,girl-girl,lesbian

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Can't Wait (Elena Vedem & Talia Mint)