Jewels (Gerda Rubia)

The Mask (Elouisa)

Tenderness (Eos)

Busy Girl (Elouisa)

The Artist (Gerda Rubia)

Desire In Me (Jia Lissa)

Ruby Rose (Leona Mia)

Sweety Girl (Eos)

Morning Thrill (Leona Mia)

Tenderness (Jia Lissa)

Soft Touch (Jia Lissa)

Think Of You (Seny)

Pool (Shayla)

Watermelon (Black Fox)

River (Kaleesy)

Night Fantasy (Rosita)

Morning Games (Black Fox)

Gentle Morning (Seny)

Taste of Grapes (Crystal Maiden)

Play With Me (Lucy Heart)

Amorele (Leona Mia)

First Touch (Seny)

In Music (Crystal Maiden)

Lavender Dreams (Black Fox)

Swimming (Kaleesy)

Come To Me (Lucy Heart)

La Dolce Vita (Elina De Leon)

Fiolet (Jia Lissa)

Sea Shell (Yuki)

Sea Meadow (Kaleesy)

Bath Games (Jia Lissa)

Breath of Nature (Malone)

Hot Tent (Genevieve Gandi)

Playing In Bed (Irida)

Read Me (Eos)

Want You (Irida)