The Watcher 2 (Vanessa Angel)

Sexy exhibitionist brunette Vanessa Angel descends the steps to her home then lingers outside, showing off her sexy body in Daisy Dukes, fishnet pantyhose, sneakers, and a leather jacket. Indoors, now wearing spike heels and a strappy leather-look bra-top, the hot Czech writes a confession in her diary. She felt someone was watching her – again – and it turns her on.

She decides to perform a striptease, in the hope that her mystery voyeur is still spying on her through the windows of her ground-floor lounge. She drops her denim hotpants to reveal her shaved pussy – she is not wearing panties. Next, she caresses her tits, then removes her top to expose her perfect breasts.

Sprawling back, she slides her manicured fingers inside of her pantyhose and begins to masturbate – it’s very much a tease as the reinforced crotch conceals the horniest details. However, she doesn’t tantalize her watcher for long – kneeling on her couch, she eases down her pantyhose to flaunt her stunning peach of an ass.

Next, she reaches down and back to frig her pussy – her polished fingertips part her lips then sink inside. Then, on her back again, with her pantyhose around her ankles to restrict her movement, she switches between rubbing her clit and plowing herself deeper. She moves rhythmically, knees splayed and butt squirming on a blanket, playing with her long hair and her cute tits as she gets closer to cumming.

Now her focus switches from putting on a show to her own pleasure – and, as her orgasm floods through her, she jerks and twitches. Her fingers won’t quit and she just keeps on cumming, moaning as one climax after another rocks her beautiful body. Finally, she lies back and caresses her body, just in case her voyeur needs a little more encouragement…

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Title: The Watcher 2 – Vanessa Angel
Models: Vanessa Angel
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2022-09-24
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The Watcher 2 (Vanessa Angel)

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The Watcher 2 (Vanessa Angel)