Spooning 2 (Deepika)

Sexy Norwegian brunette Deepika is sitting on her couch, dressed in a revealing teddy. Cut high over her hips, it combines pink lace with sheer black fabric that leaves her perfect breasts visible. To amuse herself, she is playing with a vintage doll, sipping coffee from a spoon and ‘feeding’ the toy in turn. Playfully, she runs the spoon over the doll’s body through its clothes – then she gives her own curves the same treatment.

Slowly, she parts her legs and strokes her inner thighs with the spoon. Then she sucks on it and plays it over her tits and around her puffy nipples. Next, she slips it inside of her teddy, then yanks the lace crotch sideways to expose her shaved pussy.

Horny, she sets the doll aside and lounges on the couch, thighs splayed wide. She grinds the spoon on her slit and clit, using her fingers to spread her folds and press them against the smooth metal. With her rack bared, she gets lost in masturbating with her improvised dildo.

She flips the spoon around and inserts the slender handle inside of her snatch, moaning as she pounds herself hard. Then, kneeling on her haunches, she rides it from below before getting naked to reveal cute bikini tanlines. She reaches around from behind, probing deep with the spoon as her manicured fingertips ream her clit.

Bending over the back of the couch, with her hot, firm ass and bare feet on display, Deepika screws herself doggy-style. When she is close to cumming she sits back, legs bent and raised, to take herself over the brink. As she orgasms, screaming out loud, a sticky pearl of cream trickles down to her asshole. She takes a moment to enjoy the afterglow, then goes back to playing with her doll…

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Title: Spooning 2 – Deepika
Models: Deepika
Photographer: Tora Ness
Publication date: 2021-04-02
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Spooning 2 (Deepika)

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Spooning 2 (Deepika)