Secret Identity 2 (Mia Trejsi)

Sizzling-hot Ukrainian babe Mia Trejsi is livestreaming a solo sex-cam show. As it opens, she is sitting on a chair wearing a glittery black bra, leather hotpants, stocking-print pantyhose and spike heels. Above her full, red-painted lips, her face is hidden by an embellished leather half-hood.

Comments flood in from horny viewers, curious to know who this masked girl is. At first, she ignores them and keeps up the tease as she massages then exposes perfect breasts with puffy pink nipples. Next, she strips off her hotpants and nylons to flaunt a tight, curvy ass. With her raven-black hair flowing down her back, she grabs and splays her cheeks, then turns around to reveal her shaved pussy.

Her hands caress her slender body as she gets naked then begins to masturbate. Thighs splayed wide and bare feet on display, she is shot from below as her neon-manicured fingers ream her wet pink. Then she grabs a chrome vibrator and sucks on it before fixing her smoldering brown eyes on the camera and purring, “Do you want to see me?”

This drives her audience insane so she unmasks, peeling off the hood to reveal her beautiful face. Turning to kneel on her chair, she uses the vibe as a dildo, moaning as she pumps and grinds it in her slick snatch. Then she sucks her cream off of it as she fingers herself. Sitting down again she plows her hole and frigs her clit.

Mia puts on an incredible show, flashing glances at the camera all the while – and she’s not faking. Her body trembles and twitches as her orgasm builds, and she bucks in her seat as it hits. Again, she gazes at the lens, inviting her viewers to savor the afterglow before bidding them a sweet and sassy “Bye-bye…”

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Title: Secret Identity 2 – Mia Trejsi
Models: Mia Trejsi
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2021-04-10
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Secret Identity 2 (Mia Trejsi)

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Secret Identity 2 (Mia Trejsi)