Nylon Fetish 2 (Zuzu Sweet)

Black-haired Czech beauty Zuzu Sweet sits by an indoor swimming pool, wearing classic black stockings, lingerie, a garter belt, leather bustier corset, and red lipstick. She dips and dangles her feet in the water, kicking and splashing, then descends the ladder to submerge her legs up to her sexy stocking tops. As she exits the pool, she slips one manicured hand beneath the sheer, wet nylon to caress her thigh.

She dances poolside, showing off her stunning legs from all angles. The only distraction is her awesome bubble-butt, its peachy roundness accentuated by her thong and tight-stretched garter straps. Seductively, Zuzu unzips her corset to expose small, perfect breasts. She pouts her scarlet lips and swishes her long, dark hair, then jiggles her ass-cheeks before pulling down her panties.

Lying on a fuzzy rug, thighs splayed to flaunt her shaved pussy, she raises her legs, thong stretched taut between her feet. Then she begins to masturbate, and tastes the juices off of her fingers. Sighing, she casts smoldering blue-eyed glances at the camera as she dips two long-nailed digits in her snatch.

Next, on all fours, she wiggles her butt, then reaches back to stroke it. She takes a black and gold vibrator and plunges it into her juiced-up opening, using it as a dildo. She grinds it on her puffy pink, parting her folds to target her clit, then sinks it back inside. As she pounds herself, her butterfly lips flutter around the shaft.

On her back again, Zuzu strokes her stocking-clad feet over her wet nylons, then spreads her legs to bang her pussy hard and deep. Her fingers tease her clit and tits, and her moans get louder as she nears orgasm. Rocking her beautiful body, she cums hard and clamps her thighs tight around her hand and the toy. Smiling, she keeps on plowing. Then, as the movie ends, she dips her stockinged legs in the pool once more…

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Title: Nylon Fetish 2 – Zuzu Sweet
Models: Zuzu Sweet
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2022-08-27
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Nylon Fetish 2 (Zuzu Sweet)

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Nylon Fetish 2 (Zuzu Sweet)