Finders Keepers 2 (Akari Suka)

In a hotel somewhere in Berlin, Akari Suka – a petite Asian babe with a cute black ponytail and bangs – is cleaning a room. Dressed in a sassy maid costume with ankle-strap heels and a lace garter, she bends to dust a nightstand. As she opens the top drawer, she makes a sexy discovery – a pink-chrome vibrator. Enthralled, she examines it, playing it against her face then sniffing and tasting it.

Soon, she is sucking on the toy, cheeks swelling around it, before taking it down her throat. Then, lost in a horny reverie, she lies on the unmade bed, moaning as she strokes the shiny shaft over her body. Thighs splayed, she slides the tip inside of her white thong then slips it in her wet pussy, using it switched off, as a dildo.

She rolls onto her side and reaches back to plow herself from the rear, dark butterfly lips peeking out from her skimpy underwear. Soon, she is moaning against the pillow, eyes shut and totally focussed on her own pleasure. Then, on her knees – head bowed and bare feet on display – she plows herself doggy style. Her free hand grabs her ass and the camera captures close-ups of her face and crotch.

Next, Akari flashes adorable shy smiles as she performs a sensual strip. She exposes her small, natural breasts, stiff nipples and shaved snatch and caresses her beautiful body. When she is totally naked, she lies back on the bed and continues to masturbate with the vibe.

Whimpering, she pounds it deep then rolls on her side again, teasing herself to the brink of orgasm. She cums but the solo sex doesn’t stop there – as the picture fades, she is still pumping and stirring the vibrator in her pussy, already building to her next climax…

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Title: Finders Keepers 2 – Akari Suka
Models: Akari Suka
Photographer: Xanthus
Publication date: 2021-04-30
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Finders Keepers 2 (Akari Suka)

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Finders Keepers 2 (Akari Suka)