Cold Sensation 2 (Adelyn)

Kinky brunette Adelyn is enjoying a few of her favorite things: her fetish for high spike heels, a black wet-look catsuit with a matching leather mask – and a couple cold beers from a golden ice bucket. She lounges on the bed in a red dungeon room and sucks on a frosty brew, smearing the neck of the bottle with scarlet lipstick.

With a gloved hand she reaches in the bucket, rattling the ice as she selects two large cubes. She licks one then rubs them both over her body, tracing cold, wet trails through her catsuit. Then she unzips the crotch to expose and frame her shaved pussy. Moaning, she plays a piece of ice over her puffy slit and sighs as it melts on contact with her warm flesh.

Highly aroused, she slips an ice cube in her snatch, then takes off one glove. She splays herself open with manicured fingers and the ice pops out onto the bed. Her digits probe and tease her chilled hole, then she slips the dripping-wet cube in her mouth to relish the flavor of her juices.

She takes a break, chugging her beer and oralizing the bottle-neck before grinding the cold glass walls against her clit. Then, horny and impatient, she empties the bottle into the ice bucket so she can use it as a dildo. Screaming and squirming in ecstasy, she pounds it in and out, deep and hard, pussy stretching around the glass neck as it widens.

Knees bent and feet in the air, it seems Adelyn is about to cum. Instead, she gets on all fours to plow herself doggy-style. Next, she jams the base of the bottle against the bed and sits on her haunches, riding it rhythmically. Lounging back again, she frigs her pussy and clit to multiple screaming orgasms. Finally spent, she pulls out the bottle and licks it clean of her cream, then sucks on a refreshing mouthful of ice as she recovers…

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Title: Cold Sensation 2 – Adelyn
Models: Adelyn
Photographer: Tora Ness
Publication date: 2021-03-25
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Cold Sensation 2 (Adelyn)

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Cold Sensation 2 (Adelyn)