Chocoholic 2 (Isabella Delaa)

Sexy green-eyed brunette Isabella Delaa stands at the top of a staircase, lit by an ornate modern chandelier. Dressed in metallic heels and black panties over a cage-front teddy, the hot Czech is holding a gift box. Inside are some indulgent dessert truffles – and a large, stylized cock and balls, molded from glossy milk chocolate. She caresses it with manicured fingers.

Next, Isabella lies down on the landing, eases off her underwear, and splays long legs to treat us to a glimpse of her shaved pussy lips through an open crotch. She bares her perfect breasts – then, posing doggie style, she flaunts her coral-pink labia, puffy and glistening with juices. Above them, her tight asshole is teasingly concealed by the thong-back of her teddy.

With pearl-polished fingertips, she strokes her firm butt then begins to masturbate, spreading and stretching her fleshy snatch open then sinking her fingers inside. Moaning and contorting her lithe body, she strips naked. Then she sprawls back, revealing a cute trimmed bush as she licks her creamy chocolate cock.

She finds a condom in her gift box and rolls it onto the stiff, brown length. She sucks on the balls, then grasps them as she slides the chocolate dildo inside of her. Almost immediately, her body heat begins to melt the candy head against the latex, but the shaft remains solid. Moaning, she plows it in and out, grinding her ass on the hard wood floor.

It takes only a couple minutes for Isabella to hit the brink of orgasm, but she holds back as long as she can before she cums. Knees trembling and tits quivering, she screws herself deep and slow to prolong the pleasure. Then she relaxes, running her fingers over the choc-cock and her own stunning curves – satisfaction doesn’t get sweeter than this…

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Title: Chocoholic 2 – Isabella Delaa
Models: Isabella Delaa
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2022-08-19
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Chocoholic 2 (Isabella Delaa)

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Chocoholic 2 (Isabella Delaa)