ASMR 2 (Elina De Lion)

Sexy Ukrainian redhead Elina De Lion is enjoying adventures in ASMR. Lit by a red lamp, with her long hair in a braid, she is dressed in a sheer black nightgown, hiked up to display her stunning ass. Using both hands, she massages lube over a huge, realistic dildo, with a microphone set up to capture every wet and sticky sound.

Elina sucks the toy into her mouth, then licks and slurps on the head as she jacks the shaft. Soon, she is so horny she becomes distracted and takes it over to her bed. Kneeling on the covers, she plays it between her perfect breasts, then crouches over it as she wraps her full, red lips around it once again.

Next, she sprawls back and grinds the head against her shaved pussy, before guiding it inside of her. It’s a tight fit but she is juiced up enough to handle it easily. She plows herself, thighs splayed wide and one pert tit exposed, body humping up to meet each thrust. Then, lying back, she pauses to taste herself off of the mock-cock, before plunging it back in again.

The deeper she screws herself, the louder she moans, lost in bliss. Her fingers tease her clit as she gyrates her body, then rolls over to pound her snatch from the rear. Within moments she is on the edge of orgasm, bare feet pointed as she crams the giant dildo between her fleshy butterfly lips.

Elina’s gorgeous body jerks and spasms as she moves the shaft, shaking her hand and angling her hips for maximum satisfaction. She gasps and whimpers as she cums and prolongs the pleasure by grinding the toy against her clit, then dropping it on the sheets as her fingers seek out her sweetest spots. At last she lies back, totally spent, and strokes the tip of the dildo over her naked breasts…

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Title: ASMR 2 – Elina De Lion
Models: Elina De Lion
Photographer: Adel Morel
Publication date: 2022-04-29
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ASMR 2 (Elina De Lion)

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ASMR 2 (Elina De Lion)