Anal Fit 2 (Cindy Shine)

Sizzling-hot Cindy Shine – a tattooed Czech babe with red-streaked brunette hair and an upper lip stud – is a vision in black lace and spike-heeled pumps. She strips down to a thong-back teddy then peels it off to reveal a shaved pussy, firm butt, and pert, perfect breasts. She caresses her taut curves, then grabs an animal-print G-spot dildo.

She licks it, flaunting a candy apple-red tongue piercing that matches her manicure. Then she sprawls back on a red PVC floor-sheet and lubes her toy. She trails the curved tip over her pink, smearing it with the slick gel – but this is a straight-to-ass session. She slides the curved end in her tight butthole and pumps it in and out. The effect is instant and intense, and, moaning loudly, she points her pedicured toes in ecstasy.

She lets the dildo slip out, then fingers her clit and snatch before getting on all fours. She rubs her crotch with the toy then guides it back into her ass, taking it deeper and harder as she plows herself doggy-style. Her free hand reams her slit, then her digits probe her pussy for some delicious double-penetration.

This, however, is just a warm-up for the main event. Cindy retrieves a second toy – a string of black silicone anal beads. She licks and sucks on them, wets them with saliva and lube. Then, one by one, she pops them in her asshole, each bead bigger than the last. She only takes about half the string, letting the rest hang out like a tail as she frigs her clit and pussy.

What’s inside of her is enough to satisfy. After just a couple minutes she cums hard, whimpers turning to screams. Her thighs clamp tight together as her orgasm powers through her entire body – then, as she draws the beads out slowly, each one sparks an aftershock of pure pleasure. She savors the sensation and flashes a cute parting smile at the camera…

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Title: Anal Fit 2 – Cindy Shine
Models: Cindy Shine
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2021-04-26
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Anal Fit 2 (Cindy Shine)

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Anal Fit 2 (Cindy Shine)