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My Stepsisters Moaning – S9:E7


Britt Blair

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Jun 16, 2023


Britt Blair is constantly moaning, which leaves her new stepbrother, Zane Walker, wondering what she’s doing. Whether she’s trying to open a jar or masturbating, she sounds exactly the same! When Zane walks in on Britt moaning with the blanket on top of her, he finds that there’s a pretty and wet pussy waiting for him.

Britt invites Zane to fuck her. When he hesitates, she pulls his pants down to pop his stiffie out. Her masterful blowjob is exactly what Zane needs to make his decision. By the time Britt has him in bed and has moved on from sucking him off, Zane is raring to go.

Taking her stepbro in cowgirl, Britt rides him while moaning louder than ever. Then she gets on her knees so Zane can make her mewl in doggy. On her back, Britt spreads her thighs to invite Zane back inside her hairy twat. The blonde wants a creampie, and makes sure she gets it! When Zane freaks, Britt doubles down on assuring him that he probably got her preggo.

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My Stepsisters Moaning – S9:E7 featuring Britt Blair – Trailer

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