A non-exclusive couple (Dorcel Club)

Lilly Bell and Tonny Carrera, a couple for years, have a fantasy: letting Tony observe Lilly with another man. This evening, she finds James Duval, creating an atmosphere of shared pleasure and disturbing intimacy within this passionate trio.

Title: A non-exclusive couple

Duration: 00:14:29.

Lily Bell
James Duval

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Desire Revealed

Lilly Bell and Tony Carrera formed a couple admired by all, famous for their complicity and their unwavering love. However, despite their apparent happiness, they shared an unusual secret that united them even more: a particular fantasy where Tony wanted to see Lilly with another man.

That evening, Lilly was to meet James Duval, a longtime friend and confidant. The preparations for their meeting had been meticulous. Lilly and Tony had discussed at length every detail, from the location to the ambiance, making sure everything would be perfect for exploring this shared desire.

The meeting took place in a small apartment rented for the occasion, carefully decorated to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Candles were placed here and there, casting their dancing shadows on the walls. When James arrived, he was greeted by Tony with a firm but warm handshake, then by Lilly, whose smile barely concealed her mix of nervousness and excitement.


As the evening progressed, the three friends sat around a small table, sharing an exquisite wine that Tony had chosen. The conversation, at first light and joyful, gradually became more intimate. Lilly and James exchanged glances, a subtle game encouraged by Tony who observed the scene with a mixture of fascination and apprehension.

At one point, Lilly took James' hand, a simple but meaningful gesture. Tony felt his heart pounding, but he remained silent, sticking to the script they had all agreed upon. James, sensing Tony's tacit approval, moved closer to Lilly, their bodies barely apart.

What followed was a ballet of caresses and whispers, James gently guiding Lilly to a couch under Tony's watchful eyes. The intensity of the experience was palpable, every movement and breath charged with a new and unsettling energy.

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Disturbing Intimacy

The night passed, each hour erasing the last traces of reserve between them. Lilly, at the center of this shared attention, felt both cherished and elated. For Tony, observing was a test as much as a revelation, seeing his partner in a new light, through the eyes of another.

There were moments of silence, where only breaths and whispers broke the calm, creating a soft, intermittent symphony. Tony, although apart, felt included thanks to the glances Lilly gave him from time to time, reminding him that he was at the center of her thoughts.

At dawn, as James prepared to leave, there were fond farewells, whispered thanks, and promises to keep what they had shared a secret.

The reflection

In the days following their adventure, Lilly and Tony took the time to discuss their feelings and impressions. It was a conversation full of vulnerability and mutual discovery, every word carefully weighed and every emotion scrutinized.

They realized that this experience had not only satisfied a fantasy, but also strengthened their bond. They discovered unexplored facets, hidden desires and even deeper trust.

However, they knew that this path was not without risks. They decided to move forward cautiously, respecting each other's limits and ready to stop if necessary. For them, the most important thing remained their love and mutual respect, the cornerstones of their relationship.

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