Vibrating Shave 2 (Mia Trejsi)

Gorgeous Ukrainian brunette Mia Trejsi sits on her bathroom floor, dressed in a low-cut leather fetish teddy. Her makeup is smoky, her lips are red, and her long, dark-brown hair is tied in a sexy braid. With manicured hands, she slathers a generous layer of shaving foam on one shin, then glides a vibrating safety razor through it.

Insatiably horny, Mia barely gets halfway through shaving her leg before her fingers stray to her pussy, framed by the kinky open crotch of her teddy. She has a better use for the razor and, after smearing her pink with foam, uses the rounded handle to buzz her fleshy lips. Next, she frees her beautiful breasts and covers them with foam, too.

Crouching doggie-style, head bowed and butt high in the air, she teases her slit with the handle then slips it in her pussy and pounds herself from the rear. With just the razor’s head poking out as it vibrates deep inside of her, her fingertips take care of her clit. She sprawls on her back with the handle still in place – then, with one bare foot raised, she continues to pleasure herself.

Her cute tits quiver as her hand moves faster, strumming her into a frenzy. Then, leaning to one side, she reaches around to ream herself from a new angle. On her back, legs up and toes pointing, she flaunts her tight asshole as she frigs herself to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly, she cums, body twitching and bucking as her snatch spasms around the handle.

Moaning, she gives her clit one final rub and tastes her juices off of the razor. Then, as she drifts back down to earth, she sucks every inch of the handle clean. She plows it in and out her mouth and twirls her tongue around it as she cools off against the tile wall. Shaving her legs can wait until she’s totally satisfied…

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Title: Vibrating Shave 2 – Mia Trejsi
Models: Mia Trejsi
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2022-03-24
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Vibrating Shave 2 (Mia Trejsi)

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Vibrating Shave 2 (Mia Trejsi)