Unknown Caller 2 (Vanessa Angel)

It’s midnight and hot Czech brunette Vanessa Angel is relaxing on her bed at home. Her long hair is loose and she’s wearing a revealing black camisole and lace thong. Suddenly, her phone rings. “No Caller ID” flashes up on the screen, but Vanessa accepts the call – in fact, she is expecting it.

The caller is a heavy breather – and Vanessa is turned on. She pouts her glossy lips and uses her free hand to stroke her perfect breasts and shaved pussy through her lingerie. After she slips her red-manicured fingers inside of her tiny panties, they come out wet. She makes a sudden decision to tap the screen, switching to speakerphone.

Slowly and sensually she exposes her tits, then strips down to her thong. She begins to masturbate, rubbing and probing with scarlet-polished fingertips. The mystery caller’s breathing gets louder and faster as they listen, and Vanessa’s dark doe eyes gleam with lust. She gets on all fours, then rolls her thong down to her knees before reaching back to grind her pink.

Her pussy lips are plump and fleshy, and her fingers sink into her slit before penetrating her snatch. Then she strips totally naked and lies back, rubbing and plowing herself to the edge of orgasm. Her body moves rhythmically and she humps her ass clear of the bed before lying on her side, legs splayed. Again, her anonymous caller hears every horny sound, fueling their pleasure.

Finally, on her back again, Vanessa takes herself all the way, crying out as she cums around her fingers. She clamps her knees together, pinning her hand tight against her crotch, then teases her sensitive slit more gently, to maximize the pleasure. She glances at the phone then raises it to her ear. Still a little short of breath, she says goodbye to her unknown caller – but only until tomorrow…

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Title: Unknown Caller 2 – Vanessa Angel
Models: Vanessa Angel
Photographer: John Chalk
Publication date: 2021-08-20
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Unknown Caller 2 (Vanessa Angel)

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Unknown Caller 2 (Vanessa Angel)