Stocking Attraction 2 (Subil Arch)

This sexually charged movie is brought to you by two erotic icons: model Subil Arch directed by Sandra Shine. The scene is an industrial space, with metal bars and graffiti-covered concrete. At its center, Subil dresses her hot curves in black lace lingerie and strappy spike-heeled sandals. Her auburn hair is straight and her flawless makeup is sultry.

Subil plays with her large breasts as they bust out of her bra to leave her nipples peeking out above the cups. Next, she stretches a black stocking and plays it over her body, taking it between her tits and in her mouth. She bares her rack to tease her nipples with it, then saws it against her panty-crotch. The fleshy lips of her shaved pussy escape her thong and she samples her juices off of the stocking.

She loses her underwear and drapes the nylon over her slit, then rubs herself through it with red-painted fingertips. She flosses between her thighs then sits down on a red couch to masturbate. As she grinds the stocking against her puffy pink, she moans and sighs in ecstasy. Then, slowly, she begins to feed it into her snatch.

She yanks it out, craving another taste of her own pussy, then crams half of it back inside of her and works the free end against her clit. Perched on a table she removes one shoe, then pulls on the matching stocking. She slides a hand inside of it to stroke her leg, raises her pedicured foot high in the air, and runs her tongue over the nylon.

As Subil masturbates she moans and sighs, oblivious to everything but her own pleasure as she cums hard. For a brief moment she sits, caressing her tits as the stocking dangles out of her satisfied snatch. Then she pulls it free and sucks on its drenched length as the movie fades to black…

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Title: Stocking Attraction 2 – Subil Arch
Models: Subil Arch
Photographer: Sandra Shine
Publication date: 2022-09-12
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Stocking Attraction 2 (Subil Arch)

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Stocking Attraction 2 (Subil Arch)