On Fire 2 (Rebeka Ruby)

Sexy brunette Rebeka Ruby has a problem with her panties. As she walks along the street in spike-heeled pumps, her tight underwear rubs uncomfortably against her slit and crack. It bugs her so much that the instant she is in the lobby of her apartment building, she hikes up her short leather skater skirt and peels off the hot-pink thong.

In her bedroom, she removes her jean jacket to reveal a kinky black-latex camisole. She takes the panties from her pocket and sniffs them – the scent of her own juices gets her horny and she kisses the pink lace. She sits on a step-stool and lifts her skirt to expose her shaved pussy. Then she begins to masturbate, using manicured fingers to rub her clit and splay her lips wide open.

Sighing, she slips a couple digits inside, then raises her top to free perfect breasts capped with puffy, brownish-pink nipples. The panties are draped over her thigh and she pushes them in her snatch, inch by inch. The deeper they sink, the louder her moans become.

As she stirs the fabric inside of her, she rubs her clit. Then she stands with one bare foot raised high on the stool, stretching her pussy open and squealing as she crams the lace in even deeper. Next, she squats down, knees wide apart, with half of the pink thong hanging out her snatch.

Her fingertips grind against her clit and, as she begins to orgasm, she pulls the lace out slowly, adding to the friction. Whimpering with pleasure, she sinks two fingers in her pussy then screams as she cums even harder, clamping her thighs tight around her hand. Spent, she sits on the floor and inhales the fragrance of her juice-drenched panties…

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Title: On Fire 2 – Rebeka Ruby
Models: Rebeka Ruby
Photographer: Higinio Domingo
Publication date: 2021-03-29
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On Fire 2 (Rebeka Ruby)

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On Fire 2 (Rebeka Ruby)