My Turn On 2 (Elza A)

Hot blonde Elza A is enjoying a deliciously twisted solo-sex session in a dungeon room. Dressed in a black lace bralet, black nylon pantyhose and spike-heeled pumps, she dances like everyone’s watching, grinding on a pole at the front of an open white cage. Lithe and sinuous, she moves her body against the wire mesh, then squats down to rub herself even harder against the pole.

As she caresses her curves, her red-manicured nails claw at her pantyhose, then slip inside. She strokes her shaved pussy and ruffles the little tuft of pubes on her mound, before ripping the nylon crotch open. Now she is masturbating her naked snatch, and tasting her own sticky juices off of her fingers. As she grabs her own throat, she moans out loud, her pretty face twisting in ecstasy.

Next, she frees a small, perfect breast as two fingers plow her snatch. However, this is not enough to quench her thirst for kink. She raises a long leg and slips off a shoe, then licks and sucks on the stiletto heel. She takes her time over this, like she’s sucking a cock, then trails it down the front of her body and between her thighs.

She plays it over her folds and works it deep between her butterfly lips to circle her clit. Then she pushes the thin, rigid heel inside of her wet pussy, using it as a dildo. As she pounds herself harder, with one nylon-clad foot resting high up against the cage, she surfs the edge of orgasm. Then she stands and bends forward, hands stretching her tattered pantyhose wide open.

Finally, Elza sits in the cage, perching on a ledge as she pleasures herself with the shoe – and, as she takes the entire length of the heel inside of her pussy, the camera captures a stunning close-up. We then get to see her body and face as she cums hard, then savors the juices from her heel. Satisfied at last, she leaves the dungeon…

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Title: My Turn On 2 – Elza A
Models: Elza A
Photographer: Tora Ness
Publication date: 2021-04-14
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My Turn On 2 (Elza A)

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My Turn On 2 (Elza A)