My Footwork 2 (Simon)

Sexy black-haired Polish babe Simon sits on a plaid rug, dressed in big-cross fishnet pantyhose and a leather bondage collar-harness that exposes her large breasts. She strokes her long legs with manicured hands and slathers lube on her pedicured feet. She treats herself to a foot and calf massage, then sits on her haunches, flaunting her asshole as she rubs her slick soles through the mesh.

She strips off her fishnets and bends one leg double. As her hands knead her jiggling tits, she rides her own heel, grinding her wet pink against it. Moaning, she moves her hips, building up friction. Next, she places a realistic dildo on the floor, drizzles it with lube, then clasps it between her bare feet. They slip up and down the solid, veined length then clamp tighter to jack it.

As her pink-polished toes splay around the shaft, her fingers drop between her thighs. Leaning back she grabs her ankle and grinds her heel against her shaved pussy, foot squirming. She adds even more lube and flashes smoldering glances at the camera as she fingerbangs herself. Suddenly, she gets the urge to go down on her dildo.

On all fours, head low and ass high, she sucks on it with relish. Then she lubes a foot and rubs it with one hand as the other reaches down to probe her snatch. Slurping wet, she moans as her fingers circle her clit. She squirts lube on her rack and plays more footsie with the mock-cock – but it’s so slippery it suddenly slithers out of reach.

Unfazed, Simon rocks back, asshole on display as she strokes and tickles her feet – which intensifies even the slightest touch to her pussy. Her toes point and her big tits quake as she cums hard – then she lies back in a state of post-orgasmic bliss before giving her feet, breasts and pussy a soothing caress.

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Title: My Footwork 2 – Simon
Models: Simon
Photographer: Tora Ness
Publication date: 2022-08-23
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My Footwork 2 (Simon)

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My Footwork 2 (Simon)