Dark Fishnet 2 (Sofia Torres)

Sizzling-hot brunette Sofia Torres strides into a bathroom on high spike heels, flaunting her long legs in a striped fishnet bodystocking with cutaways – her perfect ass peeks out the open crotch. She dances seductively, tossing her long, wavy hair and casting horny glances at the camera in between gazing at her sexy body in the mirror.

Next, she lights a cigarette. She inhales, with a look of pure bliss on her pretty face, then blows out a stream of smoke, pouting her red lips. As she smokes, she continues to dance and caresses her slender body. She squirms and shakes her ass as the camera homes in for close-ups, then splays her thighs and pulls her black thong tight between her hairy pussy lips.

Sofia lowers the top of her body stocking to reveal small, perky breasts, then rolls it down for a stockings-and-garter-belt effect. Teasingly, she drops her panties, then spreads her legs and strokes her pussy with manicured fingers. She loses her shoes, then sits on a low step. She begins to masturbate, immediately moaning with pleasure as she rubs her clit then pounds two fingers in and out her snatch.

Her mesh-wrapped feet flex and point, and she talks dirty as she frigs herself. Then she grabs a large, realistic dildo and rolls a condom onto it. She straddles it, knees wide apart, and sinks down into a low squat to take the entire latex-clad length. Biting her lip and moaning, she rides it hard, bouncing and grinding on it.

Her long hair veils her face, then she whips it back. Her expression is intense, twisted with almost more pleasure than she can handle. She rides the toy in the center of the floor, then sits and uses it as a hand-dildo, pounding herself to the brink. She cums, smiling with relief, then strums her clit to a second orgasm before leaving the scene, glowing with satisfaction.

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Title: Dark Fishnet 2 – Sofia Torres
Models: Sofia Torres
Photographer: DarienX
Publication date: 2022-08-31
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Dark Fishnet 2 (Sofia Torres)

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Dark Fishnet 2 (Sofia Torres)