Balls 2 (Zoe A)

Sizzling-hot Hispanic brunette Zoe A takes a slow, seductive walk up a staircase. She is dressed in a lace jacket, thong, high spike heels and torn pantyhose that leave her incredible ass exposed. As the stone stairs broaden out at a corner, she sits down, flaunting small, beautiful breasts as she caresses her thighs and crotch through her hose.

She pinches and teases one erect, caramel-brown nipple as she strums her slit. Then she rips a huge hole in her nylons and uses a fingertip to give her swollen clit some precision pleasure. Totally focussed on her own bliss, Zoe continues to masturbate, tits heaving as her moans become louder and her breathing deeper.

She also has a horny surprise in store. Her pussy muscles spasm and, as she splays her inner lips with two fingers, a bright yellow ball suddenly pops out from in between them. It has been inside of her all this time. The ball rolls down to a lower stair and Zoe lets it go – she will not be distracted.

Moments later, a second ball appears out of her pussy and she watches it bounce down the stairs and through a gap in the ornate banister. She gets on all fours, buns separated by the skinny thong, and reaches down to stroke her nub. A third yellow ball emerges from her snatch, slowed slightly by the tattered threads of her pantyhose. It bounces and comes to rest by her feet, and she sinks down to lounge on her back on the stair.

The spectacle with the colorful balls may be over, but Zoe puts on an impressive show as she twitches and quivers her way to orgasm. After a short pause to get her breath back, she continues up the staircase, leaving the balls behind her…

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Title: Balls 2 – Zoe A
Models: Zoe A
Photographer: Oliver Nation
Publication date: 2021-09-17
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Balls 2 (Zoe A)

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Balls 2 (Zoe A)