Back In Black 2 (Mara Blake)

Kinky Ukrainian brunette Mara Blake is in feline fetish mode, pleasuring herself in a sheer black catsuit. She is lounging on her couch, thighs splayed, and stroking a feathered cat toy over her stunning body and pretty face. The camera follows it, taking in close-up details of Mara’s stiff nipples and pierced navel, along with her shaved pussy, exposed by the open crotch of her bodystocking.

As she teases her moist, puffy butterfly lips with the feathers, her free hand starts to wander, cupping and caressing her perfect breasts through the fine mesh. Then she moves it down to part her folds and begins to masturbate, circling and grinding her manicured fingertips over her clit. Soon, legs in the air, she tosses the toy aside and uses both hands on her snatch – one probing while the other dances close to her tight asshole.

Next, she raises her butt clear of the couch, balancing on her nylon-clad toes as she plows her snatch deep. Moaning, she gyrates her hips and humps her hand. Then, on all fours, she uses the toy again. She flaunts a rear view, stretching her long, lithe limbs before fingering her slit from behind.

She frigs herself into a horny frenzy, then lies on her side and reaches back to plow her voracious snatch slow and deep with three fingers. However, she has already reached the point of no return. Within moments she cums hard, ass-cheeks clenching and pussy twitching around her digits as her beautiful body spasms on the couch.

Satisfied for now at least, Mara relaxes on the cushions, flexing her stunning body as she licks the cream off of her fingertips. Then, as she cat-naps, the camera takes one final, lingering sweep over her sexy curves before the picture fades to black…

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Title: Back In Black 2 – Mara Blake
Models: Mara Blake
Photographer: Xanthus
Publication date: 2021-04-18
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Back In Black 2 (Mara Blake)

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Back In Black 2 (Mara Blake)