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Every Day Is A Gift – S44:E16


Vlad Gabriel

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Apr 15, 2023


Waking up in the morning is always a pleasure for Bernie when she finds herself spooned in Vlad Gabriel’s arms. The lovers enjoy sleeping naked. That makes it all the easier to fuck themselves to sleep at night and to get busy again in the mornings.

Vlad climbs out of bed to shower, which leaves Bernie alone and horny. When Vlad returns to the room, he finds Bernie with one hand kneading her titty and the other going to town on her clit. He watches for a moment before joining Bernie. Replacing her hands with his, Vlad goes to work for Bernie’s pleasure even as she reaches for his hardon.

Bernie adjusts her position so that she can take a mouthful of Vlad’s hardon. He stands and lets Bernie do what she will to him. That amounts to plenty of sucking and stroking, all the better to get him nice and hard and ready to fuck.

When Bernie lays back and spreads her thighs, Vlad is right there to sink nice and deep to scratch her carnal itch. Lifting one of Bernie’s legs higher, Vlad changes the angle of penetration for both their pleasure. While he has Bernie’s foot, he kisses and licks at it to make her moan even more. Vlad eventually falls to his side to spoon behind Bernie and keep on fucking her.

Now that Bernie has had a taste, she wants so much more. Vlad is already on his back, so it’s a simple thing for Bernie to adjust her position so that she’s straddling him. Sliding down onto the D, she rocks nice and gentle in a reverse cowgirl rhythm that gets even hotter when Vlad reaches up for some nipple pinches.

On her back once again, Bernie spreads herself nice and wide for Vlad to reenter her. That’s not quite the angle she’s looking for, so Bernie gets on her knees and urges Vlad to take her from behind. Their doggy style delight is just what the blonde needed in the morning. Same goes for Vlad, who pulls out just in time to cover Bernie’s bottom with his hot love.

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Every Day Is A Gift – S44:E16 | Bernie Vlad Gabriel | Trailer

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