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Connections – S44:E27


Blake Blossom
Jay Romero

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Jul 7, 2023


Blake Blossom and Jay Romero are enjoying a modeling session together. Blake enjoys teasing Jay, and the connection between them is obvious. As they chat with the camera and flirt with each other, it becomes clear that there’s plenty of sexual tension that must be addressed.

Blake loves Jay’s vibe as they play games before getting down to business. When the modeling session finally begins in earnest, their clothes gradually come off as they get closer and hotter for one another. When Blake is topless, Jay can’t help but get more hands on. Blake gets Jay in a chair, and while she licks her way down his chest towards his boner, he pinches her nipples and squeezes those boobs.

Opening wide, Blake goes in for a BJ that leaves Jay wanting so much more. She sucks nice and deep, cupping the balls and squeezing the root. When she rises up and delivers a nice titty fuck, Jay lets his head fall back on a groan. He returns the favor of oral sex by putting Blake on her back and diving face first into that muff as he licks and slurps her juices.

When Jay spoons behind Blake and slides home, she lifts her thigh nice and high to let him in deeper. Her gasps of delight only get hotter as she rolls Jay onto his back and climbs on top of him to ride him. That boob bouncing stiffie ride is everything Blake has been wishing for.

Rolling onto her back, Blake lifts her leg and hooks an ankle over Jay’s shoulder so he can enter her easily. He can’t get enough of that juicy coochie. When Jay realizes he’s about to blow his load, he pulls out to cum on Blake’s landing strip to leave her sticky and smiling in absolute bliss.

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Connections – S44:E27 | Blake Blossom Jay Romero | Trailer

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