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NF Busty - A Steamy Afternoon - S18:E12

NF Busty

A Steamy Afternoon – S18:E12


Jasmine Daze
Robby Echo

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Jun 9, 2023


It’s so hot inside, and Jasmine Daze is really feeling it. Sweat is dripping down her tits, leaving her no choice but to tug her shirt down and try to blow some cooler air on them. When Jasmine’s boyfriend Robby Echo brings her a fan, he is instantly the hero she needed.

Unfortunately, even the fan can’t save either of them from the heat. Sitting on the couch together, the couple begins slowly relieving themselves of one piece of clothing at a time. By the time they’re both down to their underwear, a different type of heat is beginning to bloom between them. Neither Jasmine and Robby is interested in fighting it.

Soft caresses with fingertips turns into Jasmine rubbing her feet against Robby’s crotch. She can feel his hardon, and in return he slides his fingers up her slit to feel how wet she is. Leaning forward, Robby flicks his tongue on Jasmine’s clit as he finger bangs her twat.

Jasmine isn’t shy about turning the tables on Robby. She gets on her knees and sucks Robby off, licking the tip like her favorite lollipop. When Robby gets on his feet, Jasmine plumps her boobs together to give him a titty fuck.

Primed for a great time, Robby takes a seat on the couch. He pulls Jasmine into his lap so she can impale herself on his fuck stick. Bouncing away, she rides for a good time while leaning forward so that he can play with her nipples.

On her back, Jasmine spreads her thighs so that Robby can reenter her juicy coochie. Robby spreads her nice and wide and then dives deep inside. He gets even deeper when Jasmine remounts him in reverse cowgirl, leaving him free to squeeze her boobies. Jasmine craves even deeper penetration, so she gets on her knees and watches over her shoulder as Robby slides into her in doggy.

Their passion is nearly quenched as Jasmine returns to her back. Robby gives her a final few dips of the D, then pulls out. Reaching low, Jasmine strokes Robby the rest of the way there. When Robby blows, his cum shot hits Jasmine on the stomach, giving her a rapidly cooling bit of moisture to rub into her soft skin.

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A Steamy Afternoon – S18:E12 featuring Jasmine Daze – Trailer

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