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Stepdad Gives Me What I Want – S29:E5


Ivi Rein

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May 28, 2023


Ivi Rein is just doodling and daydreaming about her new stepdaddy, Ricky Rascal, when he joins her for a minute. Ivi can’t help but make doe eyes at Ricky, but he does a good job of ignoring her. Later, Ivi decides that she is going to at least see the D even if Ricky won’t use it to fuck her. She sneaks a peak as Ricky is changing from his shower, and just the sight of that big one leaves her masturbating.

Ricky is oblivious to his stepdaughter’s wants, but when Ivi decides to come on to him he is tentatively open to it. She dresses in skimpy clothes and brings him some water, then cuddles close to him on the couch. Taking the control from her stepdaddy’s hands, Ivi goes into full on seduction mode. Ricky tries to pretend he doesn’t know what’s happening, but Ivi is relentless. Soon enough she has her hands on his hardon. Slowly unzipping Ricky’s jeans, Ivi pops the big one out to give a nice handie and dick licking.

Finally Ricky’s control snaps. He lays Ivi down to drink her juices from his pussy licking, then gets on his feet so he can shove into her. Stepdaddy wants that pussy as he bangs Ivi in doggy and then pulls her into his lap to ride his fuck stick. Turning around, Ivi spoons with Ricky and then rides him in reverse cowgirl until he gives her the creampie she has been daydreaming about.

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Stepdad Gives Me What I Want – S29:E5 featuring Ivi Rein – Trailer

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