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Suddenly We Love Easter – S2:E1


Aiden Ashley
Pristine Edge

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Apr 5, 2023


Pristine Edge and her friend Aiden Ashley want to get a group photo with their respective stepsons, Juan Loco and Max Frills. They feel that as the stepmothers, it’s their job to teach their stepsons how to treat a lady. They inform the boys that they’re doing a group photo for Easter, and after a bit of back and forth Juan and Max reluctantly agree.

When Pristine and Aiden arrive for the photo wearing skimpy lingerie and bunny ears, the boys can’t believe their eyes. Pristine crouches to fix Max’s belt. In return, Aiden fixes Juan’s hair. Max can’t hide his stiffie, so without further ado Pristine goes for the D and begins sucking. She convinces Aiden to give Juan the same treatment lest the boys’ hardons ruin the photo shoot.

Once these horny ladies begin playing with the D, they aren’t about to stop. Relocating to the couch, they sit the boys down so that Pristine can ride Max’s dick in reverse cowgirl and Aiden can do the same with Juan. Sucking their own juices from the guys’ cocks, they switch things up. Aiden goes for it in doggy with Max while Juan spoons behind Pristine. They swap partners one last time, with Juan giving Aiden a good pussy pounding until he nuts on her stomach. A moment later, Max pulls out from pounding Pristine in doggy to blow his load on her big boobies.

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Suddenly We Love Easter – S2:E1 | Aiden Ashley Pristine Edge | Trailer

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