A Day In The Life of Teti, Odesa, Ukraine – A Petter Hegre Movie

HEGRE’s 1008th movie takes us to the Black Sea and the historical city of Odesa in Ukraine. And the home of Hegre model TETI.

AS SWEET AS PIE and as gorgeous as a Greek goddess can be, TETI invites you to join her on a perfect day in Odesa. She’ll give you an insider’s view of the most iconic locations and the sights and sounds of this remarkable city. And as the sun sets, she’ll take you to an intimate beach nearby, to catch the last magic moments of summer.

But above all, this film shows the world the brave resistance of the people of Odesa. And that Putin picked the wrong country to mess with…

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A Day In The Life of Teti, Odesa, Ukraine (Hegre.com)

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