The promise (Dorcel Club)

Lumi Ray, determined to save her restaurant, dreams of appearing on television to make it known. To realize her ambition, she targets Derrick Pierce, an influential and attractive man. As professional desire grows, Lumi also discovers herself attracted to Derrick's magnetic sensuality.

Duration: 00:21:48.

Lumi Ray
Derrick Pierce

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Part 1: Lumi's Plan

Lumi Ray surveyed his restaurant with a mixture of affection and anxiety. “Chez Lumi”, nestled in the heart of Lyon, had always been his dream, a warm place where people could enjoy traditional cuisine with a modern touch. But times were tough, and customers were becoming increasingly rare.

Determined not to let her dream die, Lumi had concocted a daring plan. She knew a TV appearance could be a game-changer, attracting attention and customers. And she already had a target in mind: Derrick Pierce, a charming host of a popular French gastronomy show.

Derrick wasn't just known for his show; he was also renowned for his eye for emerging talent and compelling stories. Lumi was convinced that if she could lure him to “Chez Lumi”, he would be charmed not only by her cuisine but also by the story of her passion for gastronomy.

One evening, while preparing one of her specialties, the reinvented duck with orange sauce, she was thinking about how to approach Derrick. She decided to attend a culinary event where he was announced as the guest of honor. This would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him about his restaurant.

On the day of the event, Lumi prepared carefully. She chooses a simple but elegant dress, wanting to make a professional and sophisticated impression. Arriving at the event, she felt her heart racing. She spotted Derrick, as charming in person as he was on screen, chatting with chefs and critics.

After a few hours of watching and waiting for the right moment, she finally approached. "Mr. Pierce, I am Lumi Ray, owner of 'Chez Lumi'. I really admire your work and I would be honored to have you as a guest in my restaurant. »

Derrick gave him an inviting smile. “Thank you, Lumi. I heard about 'Chez Lumi'. Your approach to traditional cuisine is quite intriguing. »

Encouraged by his interest, Lumi offered to send some of her signature dishes to her office. Derrick agreed with a nod, promising to contact her if he planned to visit.

As she walked home, her heart light with hope, Lumi couldn't help but feel as drawn to Derrick's aura as she did to the professional potential of their meeting. She knew the next few days would be crucial.

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Part 2: The Visit

A week after their meeting, Lumi received the long-awaited call. Derrick wanted to come and dine at “Chez Lumi” to discover its cuisine. Lumi's excitement was at its peak, but she knew this visit was crucial. She spent the next few days perfecting every detail, from the menu to the ambiance of the restaurant.

The night of Derrick's visit, Lumi was in the kitchen, focused and nervous. Derrick arrived punctually, accompanied by a small film crew. They had come to film a preliminary segment, a sort of test before deciding whether the story of “Chez Lumi” deserved a place on his show.

Throughout the dinner, Lumi served her most innovative dishes and shared the stories behind each creation. Derrick was visibly impressed, taking notes and discussing the dishes enthusiastically. Their conversation extended beyond the kitchen, touching on personal and professional themes. Lumi felt a connection forming, not only professional but also personal.

After dinner, while the cameras were off, Derrick stayed to speak more freely. “Lumi, your passion is truly inspiring. I think there's a great story to be told here,” he said with a smile that made Lumi's heart beat faster.

They talked late into the night, sharing laughs and thoughts about their respective journeys. When it was time to leave, Derrick assured her that he would do everything possible to get “Chez Lumi” into his show. The attraction between them was palpable, but Lumi knew she had to stay focused on her primary goal.

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Part 3: Revelation and Resolution

The next few days were a whirlwind for Lumi. Derrick’s visit not only confirmed his interest in “Chez Lumi”, but also started rumors in the culinary world. Anticipation of a possible television appearance began to attract more customers, curious about the restaurant that had captured Derrick Pierce's attention.

Eventually, the show was confirmed, and filming was set to begin at Lumi. When the day arrives, Derrick's team invades the restaurant, transforming the intimate space into a vibrant stage. Lumi, although stressed, was also excited and ready to share her passion with the world.

The segment was a success. Derrick presented “Chez Lumi” not only as a mecca of gastronomy but also as the dream of a woman determined to succeed against all odds. Once the show aired, reservations exploded, and Lumi knew her restaurant was saved.

As for her relationship with Derrick, they had decided to take things slowly. Their mutual attraction was undeniable, but they were both aware of the potential complications. They chose to focus on a friendship based on mutual respect and admiration, letting the future decide the rest.

As “Chez Lumi” prospered, Lumi felt she had not only saved her restaurant but also found a true partner in Derrick. No matter how their relationship would evolve, this adventure had changed his life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

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