The Jadalica Game (Dorcel Club)

Following the outdoor business games, Jadalica, Alice Drake and Tommy Gold take advantage of the sun to relax. Suggestive looks appear, triggering a seduction between the three colleagues.

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Alice Drake

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In the heart of the Aranche plain, under the azure blue sky of an early summer, the company LogiTechSys decided to break with the monotony of offices and screens to organize a day of outdoor activities. The goal was clear: to strengthen team cohesion through fun games and a little friendly competition. No one could have predicted the personal ramifications this day would bring, especially between Jadalica, Alice and Tommy.

Jadalica, the group's strategist, always as insightful and calm, had already orchestrated several early morning victories. Alice, with her contagious laughter and her ability to motivate the troops, shone under the sun, while Tommy, the charming analyst, showed surprising agility, avoiding obstacles with disconcerting ease.

After a picnic under the century-old oak trees, the three colleagues had moved away from the main group to chat in the shade, enjoying a moment of calm. Their gazes often met, charged with a new and indefinable energy.

“Don’t you think the atmosphere is electric today? » Alice asked, a bit provocative.

“It's the sun, it makes everything beautiful, including friendly competitions,” Jadalica had replied, her mischievous smile blurring the lines between teasing and something more tender.

Tommy, observing the nuances of this subtle game, added with a wink, "And maybe some people too." »

Their exchanges, full of innuendo, had begun to weave a network of subtle seduction between them. A connection was forming, unexpected but undeniable.

The games resumed, and they often found themselves partners or opponents, each interaction increasing the tension between them. Frisbee, tug of war, and even orienteering had seen them laugh, challenge each other, and sometimes touch each other, accidentally or perhaps not.

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At dusk, while the last rays of the sun tinted the sky with shades of orange, they decided to meet up after the party organized by their company. The beach not far from their retreat seemed the ideal place to continue this conversation that began in such a special light.

Sitting on the cold sand, the sound of the waves in the background, they shared a bottle of red wine, their conversations becoming more intimate, more personal.

“I never imagined that a day of business could take us here,” Alice murmured, her eyes fixed on the horizon.

“Me neither,” Tommy replied, “but I’m glad it is.” »

Jadalica, usually so in control of her emotions, indulged in the sweetness of the moment, “There is something magical here, with you. »

The hours passed, and with them, the barriers fell. They discovered affinities, differences, but above all a mutual attraction that refused to be ignored. Sharing this improvised intimacy brought them closer together in a way no business game could have predicted.

Returning to the office, however, would not be without consequences. The following Monday, the atmosphere had changed. Their interactions, once simple and professional, were now charged with a mixture of regret and anticipation. The stolen glances, the smirks, and a certain palpable tension in the air made their encounters both exciting and delicate.

The Tuesday morning strategy meeting had been particularly trying. Everyone tried to focus on the charts and sales forecasts, but memories of the previous weekend kept intruding, disrupting their concentration.

Jadalica, taking matters into her own hands as usual, had suggested a private lunch with Alice and Tommy to “clear things up.” Sitting in a small, discreet restaurant, away from the prying ears of their colleagues, they had discussed openly their feelings and the implications of what had happened.

"What happened at the beach… it can't just be ignored," Tommy had admitted, his expression serious.

“No, it can’t. And it won't be,” Alice said, her determination clear in her voice.

“We have to handle this professionally, but honestly,” Jadalica concluded. They all agreed to explore where this could take them, while preserving the integrity of their professional environment.

What started as a fun day turned into a turning point in their personal and professional lives. They were determined to navigate these uncharted waters with respect and care, knowing that each choice would impact their shared future.

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