Just a colleague (Dorcel Club)

In a game where secrets are revealed to everyone, Isabella de Laa and Nick Ross find themselves at the center of attention. Questions abound as everyone seeks to discover their erotic affair. Who is this third person with whom the couple spent a night of pleasure?

Title: Just a colleague

Duration: 00:25:29.

Isabella de Laa
Nick Ross
Ricky Rascal

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Part 1: The Masked Ball

In the grand mansion of the De Laa family, a lavish party was in full swing. The opulence of the place, with its sparkling chandeliers and its guests dressed in their finest finery, formed a picture of luxury and secrets. Isabella de Laa, an ethereal blonde in a silk dress that caught the light with every movement, conversed in hushed tones with Nick Ross, a man with dark eyes and undeniable charisma. Their complicity had not gone unnoticed, and murmurs spread among the curious assembly.

“Who is that woman with Nick?” » some whispered. “I thought he was with someone else last week,” another replied. Amidst these whispered conversations, Isabella and Nick seemed locked in their world, laughing softly at jokes that only the other could understand. However, a careful look would have revealed an underlying tension, a play of glances loaded with meaning.

As the evening progressed, the exchanges became bolder, the laughter more frank, and the music enveloped all the guests in a veil of feigned cheerfulness. Isabella, holding a glass of champagne, pulled Nick by the arm towards a quieter corner of the large living room.

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Part 2: Revelations

Nick and Isabella slipped away into a more secluded room, a living room with rich tapestries and soft lighting with candles. There, the atmosphere was more intimate, the secrets more easily whispered. Nick, in a low, urgent voice, revealed details of their affair, ignoring the risks. Isabella, although accustomed to power games, seemed troubled, her face betraying growing concern as the conversation became more personal.

“We have to be careful, Isabella. What we're doing could cost us dearly,” Nick murmured, his gaze scanning the room as if searching for eavesdroppers. Isabella nodded, her expression suddenly serious. “I know, but tonight I need to forget all these complications. » They continued talking, the words flowing like wine, revealing hidden feelings and desires, until the sound of footsteps startled them.

Part 3: The Third

The evening's denouement played out in a modern living room in Nick's penthouse, where the evening's revelations reached their climax. A third person, a woman with flaming red hair and an imposing appearance, stood between Nick and Isabella. This woman, enigmatic and confident, was the key to many still unexplored secrets. Face to face, the three characters confronted each other, the unsaid and the tensions crystallizing in an inevitable moment of truth.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out?" » the redheaded woman's voice was calm but carried a threatening weight. Isabella and Nick stood there, unable to respond. “What we shared was special, but you chose to ruin it,” she continued, her gaze fixed on Isabella and then on Nick. After a moment of heavy silence, she concluded, "I'm gone, but remember, secrets always have a price." »

Each of these scenes captures a pivotal moment in their story, weaving a tale of passion, mystery, and revelations that are sure to captivate readers.

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