Do you like the surprise? (Dorcel Club)

Stella Sedona and Thomas Stone, together for years, like to enrich their intimacy by inviting other partners. Today, Stella surprises Thomas by welcoming a woman to share a sensual moment, renewing the couple's excitement and complicity.

Title: Do you like the surprise?

Duration: 00:33:50.

Stella Sedona
Alyssa Bounty
Thomas Stone

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Stella Sedona always knew that love could take many forms, and her relationship with Thomas Stone was living proof. They had met years ago, at a modern art exhibition in Paris, where each had been captivated by the depth of the other's gaze in front of an abstract work. Since that day, they shared not only an apartment with a view of Montmartre, but also a unique understanding that allowed them to explore the boundaries of their intimacy with uncommon trust and complicity.

That Thursday, Stella decided to surprise Thomas for his birthday. She knew he didn't want anything material; Thomas always found more value in experiences and emotions. Stella had therefore organized a special evening, an evening where their duo would temporarily become a trio, with the respect and consent of all.

She had met Elise during a yoga class. Elise had this aura of tranquility and at the same time curiosity that immediately piqued Stella's interest. After several deep conversations and much thought, Stella had felt that Elise might be the perfect person to join their shared intimacy.

Thomas returned to the apartment that evening, his arms full of flowers he had bought for Stella, like a little weekly ritual that he never missed. He was greeted by the aromas of a dinner with spicy aromas and by the laughter of Stella and Elise, who were finishing setting the table in the dining room. Surprised but smiling, Thomas put down the flowers and welcomed Elise warmly, quickly understanding Stella's intention.

The dinner took place in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Between bites of vegetable curry and glasses of white wine, conversations ranged from art to philosophy, then to more personal territories, where everyone shared their visions of love and desire. Elise, with refreshing frankness, expressed how the discovery of new intimate horizons had helped her to better understand and accept herself.

After dinner, Stella suggested we retire to the living room where she had placed cushions around a small coffee table, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. There, the conversation became gentler, the silences more eloquent. Thomas, touched by Stella's attention and Elise's presence, felt both excited and grateful.

The evening unfolded with a natural fluidity, each listening to the other, exploring new but familiar territories. Laughter mixed with murmurs, and tender gestures with knowing looks. Stella and Thomas, guided by their mutual love and respect, found in Elise's eyes a mirror of their own desire for discovery and shared experience.

As the hour passed, the three souls discovered themselves more fully, exploring the nuances of their intimacy with renewed tenderness and passion. The experience led them down unexpected paths, where trust was the guide and pleasure a shared destination.

As the night wore on, the stars above Paris seemed to shine brighter, silent witnesses to the beauty of their exchanges. When Elise took her leave, sincere thanks and satisfied smiles were exchanged. She left behind an even more united couple, their hearts beating in unison for the adventures they had shared and those that awaited them.

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The next morning, as the first rays of sunlight slipped through the curtains, Stella and Thomas lay in bed for a moment, hugging each other, reflecting on the past night. They spoke quietly, expressing gratitude to each other for the trust and openness that characterized their relationship. They also discussed what the experience with Elise had revealed and strengthened in their bond, how it had enriched their complicity and deepened their mutual understanding.

“You know,” Stella whispered, “every time we open up like this, I feel even closer to you. It’s as if each new exploration adds a layer of connection between us. »

Thomas nodded, gently stroking Stella's back. “Yes, it's amazing how the presence of another person can sometimes help us see sides of ourselves that we never noticed, or that we had forgotten. Elise was wonderful, she brought with her an energy that really touched us. »

They finally got up, and the morning was gentle and lazy. They had a late breakfast, talked a little more, then decided to go out for a walk in the still quiet streets of Paris. They walked hand in hand, sometimes in silence, sometimes sharing random thoughts or observations about life around them.

When they passed by the place where they had first met, they stopped for a moment, remembering that day which had marked the beginning of their shared history. This memory, now enhanced by so many others, perfectly symbolized the journey they had undertaken together, a journey made of art, passion, and a love that continually renewed and deepened.

“Every moment like last night reminds me why I'm so happy with you,” Thomas said, his eyes staring into Stella's.

“And I am grateful for every day we choose to spend together, for all the risks we take that bring us even closer,” Stella replied, squeezing Thomas’ hand tighter.

They continued their walk, filled with a new appreciation for their relationship, for the endless possibilities it offered. Their love, far from being static or predictable, was a ground for experimentation and mutual growth, where each new partner, each new experience enriched their bond, making it more resilient and more vibrant.

In the heart of Paris, Stella and Thomas walked towards their future, aware that their relationship was anything but ordinary. She was a canvas on which they continued to paint together, with vivid colors and subtle nuances, a living portrait of love in all its complexity and beauty.

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